Rogue's Atlas

Rogue’s Atlas will be the ultimate adventure, in a location-based treasure hunting mobile game that combines dynamic map functionality, historical clues and trivia, outdoor exploration and with the thrill of winning real cash prizes!

Compete against others in treasure hunt events to find the ultimate prize: a physical, “hold-in-your-hand”, custom Ironbridge Gold Coin.

Key Features

Version 0.4.6 (4.1.2020)

  • Explore the world around you with
    our dynamic maps
  • Customize your avatar with thousands
    of possible looks
  • Learn about rare relics and their
  • Treasure hunts

  • Events


Enter Events to Win Valuable Prizes.

  • Match your skills against other treasure seekers
  • Collect Compasses to navigate your way to the treasure
  • Achieve top competitor status
  • Find a REAL or AR coin hidden in your city and
  • claim your prize worth thousands

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